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My art for today ^w ^


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23/6/2017: So, what happened yesterday? i looked on my bf's game library looking for some online one to have an excuse to pass the time with him, i saw one where he had like 6 hours and i thought "aw maybe he just bought it today" and i bought it aswell, and when i tell him about that he was like "huh? ohh you bought killing floor? err is a nice game, i don't play it a lot.. but, meh, is something interesting, have fun with it"...sooo in summary i just spend like two dollar in a game that i wont play.. what a time to be alive don't chu think?
RP? - No,Sorry

about me:
I am a person who gets bored easily
I love making request for People
Im looking for new ideas for know
I am always happy. (always)
I love Video games (specialy pokemon)
I like any types of music

(I just draw from Thursdays to Sundays)

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HoI, 1F U WaNt Yu CaN DoNaTe P01Ntz FoR Da CoLLeGe Of DiZ EmUlGa AduBe Th1z WiGeT!!

(is not necesary, but very appreciated) :D

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hOi!,DiZ iZ Mi LuSt Uf ThuNgS tO dO Temmie 'oh you' icon 
(ahem...a list to do,to no miss something Pikachu happy )
Okay,this was not originally my idea but...i was having some problems with...uhh,requests and...stuff? Pikachu not sure 
anyway,that's why i maked this list:To No miss Something more easier,unless i'm doing something wrong Pikachu sighs plz 
Well,i don't remmember so well who's first and who's next soooo,i'll do the requests in random order Pikachu Blush 
Also,i don't respond to the comments/notes about the request,just to no miss some details Pikachu Piff Plz 
Deals Status:
Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Requests - Closed by SweetDuke  No Point Commissions by SweetDuke
REQUESTS MADE COUNT: 181 requests maded so far! Forus Aww 

thefangirl100: a little revenge pic Pikachu Piff Plz 

Michal266: A female Eevee tied up by a male Buizel (eevee's are sooo popular pikachu Rup cheeks plz )

CloudzChow: something related with a Mightyena an eevee and bandages....ow wait Pikachu Oh My Plz 

AuraDragonAce: His Lucario OC with an annoyed expression after being tied up and tape gagged by My Emolga (meheheh.. Emolga Emoticon )

kirbyfalcona normal vulpix and an alolan vulpix tied up together and ballgagged..being cute (awww.. Pikachu want it )

thefangirl100three extreme cute eeveelutions in costumes tied up

SolarisDragonRockruff and Riolu bound and spanked by a Sneasel

PhoenixAlarisan Eevee named Mara playing a video game

EeveeProtect our OC's searching for a legendary chocolate fountain

Cloud5001: tickle stuff

pokegecko20874: a Grovile being tortured

SomeGuyYouMayKnow: a Salazzle bound in purple rope and tape, in a hog-tie position and gagged with a big pink ballgag

SuperMarioEmblema Dewott tied up & Ballgagged.

EeveeProtect: an Eevee OC and a Shinx OC trapped inside a bubble

AuraDragonAcea picture of regular Raichu and Alolan Raichu tied together and cloth gagged

ihatefetishes: a Xurkitree

a Shiny Umbreon

 ReySilverskin: a Gallade covered in tape Without the eyes covered

ZeeKusaa male shiny sylveon and a female Glaceon tied up together

LukeTheBoundLucario: A tied up lucario

katychira  Blade tied up and gagged  (Pawniard OC)

kazaratheopalwolf a umbreon shiny with a blue ballgag

MudkipGuy114: a  a Mawile or a Steenee

A Lurantis with a flower necklace
Both Midnight and Day Lycanroc bondage

Trimint123: his eevee (max) tied up

guitarmasta12: His Braixen OC

Ryuseitheferret: a grovile,i guess

SomeGuyYouMayKnow: A zazzle tied up with tape

UmbreonBandana: His umbreon in a high tight binding

Gabthenostalgic: his pokesone (Dewott)

DIDmaster999 Primarina bondage

xmattox a Mega Gardevoir tied up

Captain-Edge: Lucario in bondage

pokemon151720: my Emolga oc hipnotized

Silviux93abletv: himself as a raichu (mummified)
ART TRADES (i love make art trades beacuse,i can give something to the artist too Pikachu happy ) 


COMISSIONS ( don't have anything to say about this one really... Pikachu not sure )
Commisions MADE: 8
Got paid: by 5 of 8 commissioners 

Pending Commissioner's payment: (i mean, those guys didn't pay me yet for the commission)


Pics Made: 11
Total Points earned by comissions:
650 in total

Money got from Commisssions ($ mexican pesos):
$442 in total 

List of pendients commisions

2- jac600
(Zapdos Articuno Moltres
all in birdcages, their wings and ankles bound while they were blindfolded and ballgagged.)


Whos giggling now?
I have a pretty little story:
once a time ago a little mew were used to fly aorund, doing some pranks and hiding after that, giggling at those who he used to prank, months after doing the same and the same, he never thought that someone would learn his daly route, using sleep powder to make feel the mew a bit sleepy and when he woke up he just were already bound on a bed,his arms behind his back and his legs bending with his paws tied to his hands, blindfolded and gagged tightly with a little bell on his neck, looks like someone just got done with his pranks and as i said in the tittle... Who's giggling now? Pikachu Piff Plz 
Update: added a list of pending payments to the "to do" list on the commission section, just to not forget who paid me and who didn't it yet Silly Pikachu plz 
Her Zorua friend just bound her like that, she weren't expecting dat tho so it got tied so easy, i wonder why her freind tied her, maybe he was curious or maybe he wanted to kindap her?.. aw, i dunno, well, whatever is that reason i'm guessing that she will be like that a whole night or maybe more Silly Pikachu plz 


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jemiejemie1 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist
you can refund it if you dont like you know?
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to be fair the summer sale is great every year. So.. many... cheap... games...
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Please don't be sad,we're always here for chu~
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Aww,I like blueberry ;w;
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Is your head feeling better?
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TekkenStreetFighter Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2017
Whoa! Nice gallery! I like the way you tie up those characters X3
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I have an interesting idea for a pokemon design once requests are open again.
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Hoi ;3
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WorldofGaming17 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thoughts on this pic: [SFM] Whitney in the Trunk?
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